Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look at that face!

I'm a little, no a lot, surprised at the reaction we've had over bringing Jaynie Lin home. This is our third Chinese adoption, we have four children living in our home, ranging from 6 years old to 13.
We kept the whole adoption process quiet this time. Until it was time to travel, few knew. We've been down this road before and knew weeks could turn into months and it was just simpler to keep it to ourselves.
When it was time to travel and I announced our intentions a co-worker actually said to me "Are you Crazy?" "You mean Mike will actually LET you do this"? Other similiar comments came, most more discreet. To be fair there were many more positive comments but the negative ones stung me.
So my thoughts are, If I would have spent this money on purchasing fake boobs or other assorted plastic surgery, no one would have blinked an eye.
If Mike would have bought a Harley or a corvette, that would have been socially accepted. But to be in your 40's and 50's and invest in a child seems to much for many to accept. Hopefully I learned the lesson long ago, not to depend on the approval of others but to thine own self by true.


Crazydriver said...

Amen to that. There are nothing special about plastic surgery or a nice car but a Giving heart worth a million. I don't think many people can have such a loving heart than you and Mike. They are so lucky to have you to take care of them.

Nikki said...

Jane, First, your daughter is simply beautiful. Second, I loved following your blog as we are waiting to travel to bring home our second from china, our son who is 5 years old. It was great to follow Jaynie's fitting into your family as an older child. Third, thank you for your post. I love it. I have felt the same exact way. I too, have had friends and relatives make comments about us being nuts for doing this again, you expressed my sentiments exactly. Good for you and Great for your beautiful family. Thank you so much for letting us all share in your journey.
Michele H CHI mom

Karrie said...

Oh! She is GORGEOUS!!!!
You are correct. You are definitely not the norm. It's too bad the "norm" is focusing on one's self, placing too much importance in physical appearance and useless material objects. You focus on the children. Some people never figure that out. I can't even imagine how someone could think new boobs would bring them the fraction of the love and joy another child would. I'd have 20 if I could only convince my husband. For now, I'll settle for "just one more." You are an inspiration. I'm sorry some don't see it that way. They are just flat out WRONG!
Best wishes and Congratulations!!
Karrie Davis (CHI WC group)

Angel said...

I TOTALLY hear you on this. I love your comparison of the Harley or Corvette. That is so true! Why is selfishness socially acceptable but unselfishness is crazy??? I THINK THAT IS CRAZY! You just know in your heart that Jesus would choose the child over the car a million times over. Good post. I think I am going to have to steal your analogy. :0) Angel

Avis said...

I just had to tell you I loved the video. My husband & I were just talking about this same topic. We talked about getting 2 new cars or adopt 2 more children. Everyone will be in total shock when we - in our 40's and 50's - are adopting again! We feel so strongly to bring children into our family. We have 10; 5 bio and 5 adopted and are just starting another adoption. Our children voted yes! Your daughter is beautiful and congratulations. There are those out in the world that think you have chosen the better way! We say, YES, and good job!

gratefulfor8 said...

AMEN! I couldn't agree with you more.. we feel the same way... that is why I refuse to let others steal our joy in adding another one.!!!